begins with Balanced Hormones

THE HAPI DUO - This DOES Hapinss!  
D -  Dopamine  O - Oxytocin  E - Endorphins  S - Seratonin

Try The Original Coffee Amped™ and our one-of-a-kind HapiHumol™ featuring Xanthohumol and other Antioxidants to help you do your Happy!


Call Of Duty Duo

Score a Wellness Win when you start your day with our Hapitropics™ 2amino5™ Colombian coffee espresso blend, aligned with our all-in-one antioxidant formula.

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HapiHumol and Amped are the Perfect Combo

Our HapiOxidantsTM is a quartet of the most powerful antioxidants known to man: Xanthahumol, C60, PQQ and C3.

The importance of adding antioxidants to your body's eco-system is understated, and health experts agree it may be the secret to living a happier and longer life.

  • Better than your drive-thru and quick-mart artificial alternatives
  • Optimized for anyone in search of that extra gear the responsible way
  • Your daily serving is incredibly convenient and sustainably sourced
  • Just add to 8oz. of water

Helps in the development and maintenance of bones

Helps with immune function

Helps in wound recovery

Helps the body to maintain healthy metabolism

Source of antioxidants

Helps relieve restlessness and/or nervousness

Helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue

Supports mental alertness

Helps to enhance physical energy

Source of antioxidants

Promotes endurance and motor performance

Helps to maintain healthy glucose metabolism

Under the Microscope

At Hapi Nutritional Science Systems we believe verifiable science rules!

Here we will take a deep dive into the investigative world of the laboratory as we learn about the truly amazing properties our ingredients possess!

All source material provided in links to the National Library Of Medicine and the International Journal of Biological Sciences.