begins in the gut

HapiTides™ Citrus 90

Introducing HapiTides™, the future of nucleotide supplements! Our uniquely formulated Proprietary Blend includes some of the most buzz-worthy ingredients on the market-each one could easily stand on its own! Acacia Gum, Stevia Leaf extract, Bamboo Fiber, Psyllium Husk and the most important one of all-Nucleotides. 

CANADA NPN: 80108610


Why Hapitides™?

Our bodies normally get all the nucleotides we need from our body and diet, but some studies suggest that we may need additional nucleotides when our bodies are stressed from infections, during rapid growth or injury. This may be especially true in the gut, where cells must be constantly replaced to keep the digestive system in tip-top shape. That rapid division means more materials are needed to grow those cells, and nucleotide supplementation may help by supplying the building blocks your body demands.

If you have an immune disorder, suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or are working to increase muscle mass and stamina, HapiTides™ could be what you’re looking for.Our quality line of nucleotide supplements may help increase overall vitality and endurance, reduce some issues associated leaky gut and IBS, improve natural ability to resist infections, restore and boost immunity, speed up after-exercise recovery and protect the liver, skin, muscles and stomach.


HapiTides leads the nucleotide supplement category with a unique blend of proven, top-quality ingredients. Science is finally proving nucleotide supplementation to have potentially amazing benefits, including:

  • Helping increase your body’s overall vitality and endurance
  • Improving natural ability to resist infections, restoring and boosting immunity
  • Increasing the speed of after-exercise recovery
  • Promotes enterocyte growth for greater nutrient absorption in the gut
  • Reducing the release of stress-related hormones and chemicals in the body
  • Improving some of the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in clinical studies
  • Counteracts the hormonal response of physiological stress, resulting in a better immune response

Nucleotide supplementation is also known to support healthy regrowth of the villi in the intestines-literally giving your body the materials to rebuild itself from the inside out!


Serving Size: 6.20g (1 Full Scoop)

# Servings: 90

INGREDIENTS: Proprietary Blend including Acaia Gum, Bamboo Fiber, Psyllium Husk and Nucleotides.  Other ingredients include Acai Powder, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Stevia Leaf Extract, Guar Gum, and Fruit and Vegetable juice (color)


How HapiTides™ Works

Nucleotides are considered the “building blocks” of both DNA and RNA, providing energy to support both your immune system and various tissues in the body. Nucleotides are also used for cell signaling and transporting energy throughout cells. Studies in animals have shown that dietary nucleotides enhance both the growth and repair of the gut and a number of immune responses. Additional benefits of dietary nucleotides include positive effects on gut flora, gastrointestinal microcirculation and reduction of inflammation. If your ultimate goal is total body wellness, including HapiTides™ in your routine is a must!
HapiTides™ Citrus 90